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Why Should You Bottle Drive?

Bottle Drives are the EASIEST Fundraising campaigns.

Bottle drives have long been known to be the easiest, super fun and most successful fundraising tool available to charities such as sports teams, schools, clubs, and other special interest groups.   As a result, thousands of Bottle Drives are held annually throughout British Columbia.  Chilliwack Bottle Depot recognizes the importance of these fund-raising events and provides the tools to ensure that you have the support and knowledge to be successful.


Why do a bottle drive? It's worth it! Whatever your need for the fundraiser, you'll find that a bottle drive is a fun and easy way to raise money.  Not bad for a bit of organization and a team, you can achieve the same.

There are MANY ways to get your Bottle Drive going. Contact Chilliwack Bottle Depot Today!

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