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Bottle Drives of ANY Size

Bottle Drives are the easiest fundraising activity utilized by special interest groups, sporting organizations to generate revenue for their cause.

Simplifying The Bottle Drive

Let us do the sorting for you!

Recycling in the Classroom


Bottle Drive Today!



Find Out What We Take

We do more than just Bottle Drive Fundraisers; This is our Greenheart towards Recycling.

About Chilliwack Bottle Depot

Chilliwack Bottle Depot has been in business since 1965.  Originally housed in a barn on Chilliwack Central, as a hub to help the Breweries distribute beer in the area, it has undergone many transformations to keep up with the time.  The Depot moved to the downtown corridor in the 70’s where it changed from distributing beer to offering a refund for containers with a deposit. 


Over the years the business grew substantially.  In 2000 the Depot moved to its current location on Trethewey which offered more parking and a larger space to keep up with growth.  Today, Chilliwack Bottle Depot is one of the largest Bottle Depots in British Columbia and not only offers full deposit on all BC bought beverage containers, but it also accepts electronics and a wide variety of other items to be safely recycled. 


Chilliwack Bottle Depot is committed to be a leader in all avenues of recycling and is consistently changing as technology advances.

We are an Express Depot Drop Off Location

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